Thursday, October 05, 2006

Does link building Help ?

Does Building links Help in seo check it out! Search engine optimization – or SEO – is a method of fine tuning a website to suit the search algorithm of most of the search engines so that it gets listed amongst the top few search results most of the times (hence better page rankings as well). When that happens is that websites will get an increased visibility - a crucial aspect that is necessary for almost all online businesses to succeed in the cyberspace. Else, what business without having enough people even knowing about your website?

But SEO is not that simple as it transpires. It includes a multitude of factors - from website designing to keyword arrangement and density – of which link building is an important step. As the term suggests, link building is the method of pepping up one’s website popularity by making other websites refer to the current website by means of exchanged links. But, again it is not that simple a concept, but one that requires meticulous research and planning, something you will realize as you read ahead

As mentioned above, the best way for link building is through link exchanges, or more precisely reciprocal exchanges. The advantages of doing so are three. First thing, it is easier as almost every webmaster returns the favor as it will benefit their websites as well, and secondly, by adding/receiving links to/from other quality sites, the fame and quality of one’s own website will also skyrocket. Finally, it will provide a user friendly way for the netizens to know or access other quality related websites, from the website they started their surfing with. It is only logical to think that if a website is providing links to other quality websites, its patronage is only bound to increase, provided the quality of its contents is good.

But here, it must be kept in mind that the links one includes in his/her websites indeed points towards a good enough website. ‘Quality’ matters a lot in the eyes of search engines, and if that does not happen, it is bound to invite trouble than any real advantage. Hence it is important that one may research a lot regarding the quality/popularity of the target website before offering one’s own links to them or exchanging with them. It applies the other way around as well and hence one’s own website must also carry relevant contents that are commensurate with the website’s purpose or goal. Else, no second person will be interested in exchanging links with your website. Remember, search engines won’t tolerate lack of quality!

Now, from a business perspective, while link building, take care not to provide too many outgoing links for keeping the netizens locked in one’s own website is also important. If there are too many outgoing links, chances are there that they might click on one of them and leaves the present site forever, the last thing any online business would want to happen. Hence, ideally, the number of links pointing to other websites must be lesser than the ones coming in. This is all about striking a right balance between the one-way and two-way exchanges.

Tail Piece: When other sites link to your website, make sure that they are all text links and that includes your keywords/product name in the URL. This way, a website could get links from other sites to its other pages as well, other than the home page.


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