Thursday, June 22, 2006

Want To Reprint Any Post From Here To Your Site Or Submit A Post With A Link To Your Site

Hello everyone ,

Just starting an enjoying experiment in this blog

If you like any of my article and want to post it on your site you can do this by notifying me and , by just providing a text "Post From " and providing this link " "below the post content and above the posed by name or post time or comments(whichever is near the post content) as a post template. and just start making your content .

If you want to submit any article (and make some of my readers go to your site with the link hehe) (if your articles are damn good they will be included in my popular post categories which i am going to start soon),but just be sure that you include the source url if they are not your articles or google will penalise you and the one who's content you have copied will also create problem for you by copyright rights ,just email me your post at '' with your link and the same above formatt will be used while publishing your post.

So lets hope we can share our articles and enjoy the exchange traffic.

Any doubts or suggestion will be highly entertained .So feel free to comment

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