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How To earn Money For Living At E-bay

What's E-bay?

EBay Inc. is a very successful online auction website, at which people from all around the world buy and sell goods and services.
In short Its a Very big Shopping Mall where Anyone could Buy Or Sell

Why It's A Good Approach To Earn Money ?

For seller's:-

75% of eBay Stores sellers surveyed said that opening an eBay Store increased their sales.

  • Get more from eBay's access to over 180 million shoppers worldwide.
  • Showcase all your listings in your own customizable eBay storefront
  • Build your brand in minutes with our Quick Store Set-up
  • Boost sales with marketing tools that keep buyers coming back
  • Economically list for longer durations with Store Inventory

For buyer's :-

There could be no other place where there are so many things to buy from.

How To Sell Sucessfully ?

The very first thing you need to know on eBay is that NOT EVERYTHING SELLS on ebay. Just browse through auctions that are closing and count how many you see that do not have a single bid. You don't want your auctions to end that way.find the right product that you can supply and make sure there are people who want to buy those.some helpful links for choosing the product is listed below

Most people who are just getting started selling on eBay -- and even lots of eBay veterans -- make the very costly mistake of thinking that your work ends when you find a product to sell... but its not right if you want to earn serious from ebay.And that means creating auction listings that make your products sell.

On eBay, "listing" refers to the information you provide shoppers about your product: a photo, a description, a title,a selling price, etc. And too often, I see sellers who don't give their listings more than a second's thought they just take its photo write the description given by the company website and place it,this is a mistake one should avoid.

Here are a few tips you can use to create auction listingsthat will grab eBay members by the eyeballs and *drag* them into your auctions...

  • Provide a Photograph: A picture really is worth a thousand words -- especially on eBay! The picture shouldn't just be pretty, it needs to be informative. Not only should it show your product to its best advantage, it should clearly feature all of the details of the product that make it special or unique
  • Write a Title: The listing's title is what appears on eBay's search results page when someone searches eBay using a specific keyword or keywords. When writing your title, avoid flowery or attention-seeking words that having nothing to do with the product. Instead, make sure you're including relevant keywords that relate directly to the product -- like type, brand name, color or style, condition, etc.
  • Product Description: Creating product descriptions for eBay that really SELL your product is one of the easiest ways you can bring TONS of shoppers to your auctions AND easily outearn your competition! Your product description should give ALL the details of your product that bidders need to know. The more detailed and clear you are with your description, the more your bidders will trust you, and the more likely they'll be to bid on your auction!
  • Pricing and Format: Make sure that you describe exactly how you want to be paid for your item, and explain how you plan to ship it.

1. Do your research!
Make sure there is a need for the item that you are selling. Do a search for your item and see how many items are found for your keyword search. Examine each auction and see the bid amount and number of bids. Follow a number of auctions for several days and see what the final bid is. This will give you an excellent idea if there is a need for your item. It will also help you estimate the amount of profit you can make from the auction. If you don t find your item, it might not be worth your time listing that item. Try to find an item that people truly want. After you start making money with Ebay, you can always go back and list that original product.

2. Find the right category for your item!
If you are selling a collectible, please make sure that you list it in the collectible category. If you are listing a toy or hobby, please make sure that you list it in the Toy and Hobbies Category. This could make it easier for people to find your item. Do your homework? Search for your item and see what categories other sellers listed the same item in.

3. Keywords and descriptions are critical!
Use the appropriate keywords to describe your product. If you are selling a Barbie Doll, specify the type of doll it is: 1980 Holiday Barbie Doll. If you are selling a model train, specify the type: HO Santa Fe Caboose. Your descriptions are critical to avoid any future problems or potential returns. Honesty is the best policy. If there is a chip, crack or dent, specify this in the description. This could save you a lot of aggravation later on. If a buyer truly wants your item, a crack or chip won t stop them from bidding on your item.

4. Always post a photo with your auction!
Auctions with photos sell much better than ones that don t have pictures. Try to take a picture of the actual item that you are selling. Many Ebay sellers will use stock photos or photos from the internet. This is a turn off and raises a question in the buyers mind. People can tell it is not the original item and this could hurt your bids. Show the buyer that you are honest and have nothing to hide. If you put a picture of the actual item, it builds more trust between you and the buyer. In my case, I have bypassed auctions with stock photos. If you don t have a digital camera, you can always purchase a disposable camera. When you take the camera in to be processed, tell them that you would like to have the photos placed on a CD.

5. Make the Buying process Easy! Sign up for PayPal!
You want to make your auction easy for the buyer. PayPal is becoming very popular and many buyers prefer to pay with their PayPal accounts. The easier you make your auction, the better it is. In addition, you don t have to worry about bad checks or money orders. It is a safer payment method for both the buyer and seller.for signing click here(affilate link)

6. List your items during "Hot Time" buying Periods!
Time your auction so that it ends during peak buying times. If you live in the Eastern Time Zone, list your auction between 9pm-11pm, Central Time Zone list between 8-10pm, Mountain Time Zone between 7-9pm, and for the Pacific Time Zone list between 6-8pm. Thus, this will give you the biggest exposure at the end of your auction. If your auction ends at 2 in the morning, there won t be to many people placing a bid. The debate is out as to what day your auction should end on. Some sellers report that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are best. Other sellers report that Saturday and Sunday are best. Try experimenting with this to see what works best for your auctions.

7. Create an "About Me" Page on Ebay or another Free Website Page!
An "About Me" page can be critical to your success. It gives you chance to let the potential buyer know about you and your products. You can also get a free webpage from many companies in which you can promote yourself and your ebay auctions.

8. Feedback is Critical!
An ebay buyer looks at the feedback ratings. A negative feedback rating can ruin your chances of being successful. After your auction is over, please follow up with your buyer. Send them an email or call them if you have their phone number. Make sure that they are happy with their purchase. This is also important with your description. If you weren t honest with your description, the buyer might be very disappointed and give you a negative rating. Ensure that your buyers are happy!!!

9. Excessive Postage costs can prevent bids!
Be reasonable with your shipping costs. Calculate the costs ahead of time and only charge the buyer a reasonable amount. It is not worth trying to make a couple extra dollars off the buyer because it will scare many people off. Charge the buyer the actual cost of shipping and state this in your auction so that there are no secrets. Be honest and the buyer will appreciate this.

10. Reserve Prices and Buy-it-Now can scare away potential buyers!
Buyers can be scared off by Reserve Prices and Buy-it-Now. In addition, Reserve Prices can limit your final auction price. Buy-it-Now shows that you have a certain limit to sell the product at. This is an auction! Let the buyers keep bidding at your products. If they feel they are getting a deal, they will place a bid.


Items In Demand = the most popular items currently within that particular category. To see the In Demand page, go to
Hot Items by Category Report = a monthly report that lists the fastest growing categories on eBay for the previous month. Go to and select "Hot Items by Category" from the menu on the left.
eBay Pulse = "a daily snapshot of current trends, hot picks, and cool stuff on eBay". Go to to see eBay Pulse in action.
Merchandising Calendar = eBay promotes specific categories on its home page each month. Savvy eBayers know that this home page exposure results in more interest in such categories. Go to EBAY TOOLS FOR SELLING


Hope you enjoyed reading for any suggestion or doubts feel free to comment

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