Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I Spend a Lot of Time so I should be Successful Right

You know it’s a fact that it takes just as much time to build a low-potential business as a high-potential one. So invest the time now to maximize your returns later. One of the keys to this whole game known as the Information game is the words or as we call them Keywords:Definition of Keywords: “ Generally refers to any word or phrase the user might search for in order to find a Web site or a page. Each variation of a keyword, such as the plural form of the word, is treated like a separate keyword. Phrases (i.e., a string of multiple keywords) are generally used interchangeably.” Keywords to me equal money. Actually everything to me equals money but this is especially true for keywords. It’s keywords that you put in your content. It’s keywords that you advertise on the search engines. It’s keywords that people bid on. It’s keywords that people use to search and its keywords that find make people find your site or articles that then convert to the ultimate keyword money.Let’s go way back to the 12th grade economics where you learned the basic economic principal of Supply and demand. I failed that course so I can’t say much more but now that I’m a bit smarter and can talk a bit more. High-profitability keywords have a good Demand: Supply ratio. The ideal scenario is to identify a keyword with “High Demand” (i.e., lots of people are searching for information on that topic) and “Low Supply” (i.e., not many sites are supplying information on that topic).Your best Site Concept or theme if you don’t have a site should:• be a highly profitable niche... a “niche” concept (that people are searching for) has less competition than a more general one. This makes it easier for your well-written content pages to rank highly with the free Search Engines.• excite you... choose something that you know and love (or that you are willing to find out more about) so that writing lots of great content pages in the future is not a huge burden or challenge.• offer potential options for the traffic that you bring to your site... this ensures a good ROI (Return on Investment) on your traffic-building efforts, making every visitor to your site (even the not-so-targeted visitor) a possible income-generator.• If you are selling your own product or professional service, your goal is to find the most profitable and the most Search-Engine-friendly way possible to position your offering on the Net.

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by David McLauchlan
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