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Want To Reprint Any Post From Here To Your Site Or Submit A Post With A Link To Your Site

Hello everyone ,

Just starting an enjoying experiment in this blog

If you like any of my article and want to post it on your site you can do this by notifying me and , by just providing a text "Post From " and providing this link " "below the post content and above the posed by name or post time or comments(whichever is near the post content) as a post template. and just start making your content .

If you want to submit any article (and make some of my readers go to your site with the link hehe) (if your articles are damn good they will be included in my popular post categories which i am going to start soon),but just be sure that you include the source url if they are not your articles or google will penalise you and the one who's content you have copied will also create problem for you by copyright rights ,just email me your post at '' with your link and the same above formatt will be used while publishing your post.

So lets hope we can share our articles and enjoy the exchange traffic.

Any doubts or suggestion will be highly entertained .So feel free to comment

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Inspiring Stories : Being Optimistic


There is a story of identical twins. One was a hope-filled optimist. "Everything is coming up roses!" he would say. The other twin was a sad and hopeless pessimist. He thought that Murphy, as in Murphy's Law, was an optimist. The worried parents of the boys brought them to the local psychologist. He suggested to the parents a plan to balance the twins" personalities. "On their next birthday, put them in separate rooms to open their gifts. Give the pessimist the best toys you can afford, and give the optimist a box of manure." The parents followed these instructions and carefully observed the results. When they peeked in on the pessimist, they heard him audibly complaining, "I don't like the color of this computer . . I'll bet this calculator will break . . . I don't like the game . . . I know someone who's got a bigger toy car than this . . ." Tiptoeing across the corridor, the parents peeked in and saw their little optimist gleefully throwing the manure up in the air. He was giggling. "You can't fool me! Where there's this much manure, there's gotta be a pony!"

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Money : Free Money Making From Google Adsense Important Tips And Tricks That Work- A Deep Article

Statuatory warning : This is a lenghty article, hehe


GOOGLE ADSENSE is something that can make our one million dollar target come true
its basically a program initiated by google
Google AdSense is the program that can give you advertising revenue from each page on your website—with a minimal investment in time and no additional resources.
AdSense delivers relevant text and image ads that are precisely targeted to your site/blog and your site/blog content. And when you add a Google search box to your site, AdSense delivers relevant text ads that are targeted to the Google search results pages generated by your visitors’ search request.


Its works like our T.V. commercial ,those who have money and want to advertise give some advertise on the tv channels
While here those business or sites which want to publicise asks google to publish there ad's and get them some clicks on their site by advertising on sites or blogs revelant to their asked keywords or the site they choose.
while the publishers ,those who want to earn some money from their traffic put the ad's given by google and earn by the number of clicks on the add's and by page impression for some add's.


Definately google adsense are worth joining because its a place you can earn without any investment .this program works best for novice as well as advanced users,for site with one visitor daily and for site with millions of page views daily. though many bloggers criticise adsense for various reasons like 100$ mark,closing account w/o giving reason etc. but yet the program is best for displaying ad's on your site


Well u can get this info from google adsense site itself.



Though i will give you some formatts that work really good but the best rule is to try different add's and compare them from the results you get

  1. Make boundaries of your ad's invisible - it will help you blend your ad's to your site which will increase the chances of the add's to be clicked
  2. Baground of your ad's - blend even those to your site backgroud
  3. Text of your ad - really a gray area some say it should be of a different colour from your site's text colour ,some say it should get same as your text colour on your site so it doesn't look like an add and there are more chances for the reader to click your ad's.
  4. Dont put too many add's on top -yup you heard me right, the reason is a unique one,place one or two add on the top not much because it detoriates your readers experience,i have seen many sites that put up so many adds on top that when you go on their site except the title rest everything is ad's and you have to scroll down to read the content .if you want to maintain your reader's you also have to give some consideration to them ,dont make your site look that you are forcing them to click on your site , let them click if they are genuinely interested,but do keep add's where they could see easily.
  5. Avoid vertical skyscrappers : though these ad's are large, my personal experience suggest that vertical skyscrappers doesn't work well because in these the user cant read the ad in one look he has to move left again to read the next line this may make him stop reading the ad .
  6. Horizontal ad's like horizontal leaderboard are highly recommended
  7. Try to place ad's in the post it works good - ad's in most get more visibility from readers
  8. Ad's below post - these ad's work great because in these as the reader finish reading he might read ad's in which s/he is genuinely interested.
  9. Use site flavour search - while placing google search pages be sure that while generating the code customize it to be site flavoure it does help.
  10. Choose referral relevant to your content : while choosing the referral choose the one that matches your content to attract particular type of readers(if referrals dont match directly to your site content try something that meets even remotely)

Well i am sure this tips will help you increase your click through rates click (no of clicks per thousand impression)(well my ctr was 4.58 yesterday today its 8.82,but these do keep on changing)

Imp note : Keep doing inventry for your ad's with channels ,it helps a lot



Even if you keep the best ad's in the world it wont be useful if there's no one to click them.
increasing traffic is the most important thing to consider


  1. Dont click yourself on your own ad's
  2. Dont republish your blog lot of time a day
  3. Use google adsense preview tool to preview your site
  4. Dont even tell your friends to click ad's on your sites ,google can track it by the behaviour of those who click on ad's
  5. Dont place ad's on pages with no content
  6. Dont write texts to intentionally pursue readers to your ad's
  7. Dont edit the google code

If you follow these rules I am sure your account wont be terminated

Best of luck to everyone

Hope you enjoyed reading the article, for any doubts or suggestions feel free to comment.

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Inspiring Stories : Face The Fear

For decades, Jay Thiessens hid a painful secret as he built his machine and tool company from a mom-and-pop operation into a $5 million-a-year enterprise. During the day he hid behind the role of a harried businessman, too busy to review contracts or shuffle through mail. At night, his wife, Bonnie, would help him sort through the paperwork at the kitchen table, in the living room, or sometimes sitting up in bed.
Other tasks he delegated to a core group of managers at B&J Machine Tool Co. who had no idea their boss couldn't read."I worked for him for seven years and I had no clue," said Jack Sala, now the engineering manager for Truckee Precision, a B&J competitor. "I was his general manager. He would bring legal stuff to me and say, 'You're better at legalese than me.' I never knew I was the only one reading them.
"Few people knew of his shame and most burning desire: To be able to read a simple bedtime story to his grandchildren. But he couldn't keep his illiteracy secret forever. "It became too hard to continue to hide it," said Thiessens, who has begun to read at the age of 56. "Since I made the decision to let everybody know, it's a big relief.
"On Wednesday, Thiessens will be honored in Washington, D.C., as one of six national winners of the 1999 National Blue Chip Enterprise Initiative Award. Sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and MassMutual, the award recognizes small businesses that have triumphed over adversity.
Thiessens' torment took root when he was in the first or second grade in McGill, a small mining town in central Nevada. "A teacher called me stupid because I had trouble reading," he said. All through school, he was the quiet little boy in the back of the room."I think the teachers just got tired of looking at me so they passed me on," he said. He graduated from White Pine High School in Ely 1963, getting mostly C's, D's and F's. He made the honor roll once, in his senioryear when he landed A's in auto mechanics and machine shop.The day after graduation, Thiessens moved to Reno, where 10 years later he started a small machine shop with his last $200. Today, B&J specializes in welding, machine parts and precision sheet metal work. With 50 employees, the company conducts $5 million a year in business and just broke ground ona new 54,000 square-foot expansion.
Despite his success, the stigma of being labeled a dummy haunted him through adulthood. He compensated by being a good listener. He rarely forgets details and has a solid grasp of math and figures, a trait essential to the industry, others say.
"The majority of everything we do is technical," said Randy Arnett of A&B Precision, B&J's longest competitor. "It has more to do with math, geometrical shapes, than verbiage."
"He's always been a decent competitor," Arnett said of Thiessens.Two years ago, Thiessens was invited to join a local chapter of The Executive Committee, a kind of CEO-support group where non-competing chief executives discuss business trials and tribulations in confidence.
Thiessens was reluctant. "He was concerned he wouldn't measure up to the rest of the group," said Randy Yost, committee chairman and former CEO of Placer Bank of Commerce in California. "About 6 months after we met, he told me he had a reading problem," Yost said. "At that time, he was very tight-vested about it."Thiessens confessed to the rest of the group last year."He was a little teary. His voice was shaking," recalled Doug Damon, a group member and CEO of Damon Industries, a beverage concentrate manufacturer. "It was clearly a difficult thing for him to do." Damon was surprised by Thiessens confession. "I knew he was a high school graduate, and so I guess I automatically assumed he knew how to read. He'd been very successful in his business. Who would have thought?
"Thiessens feared titters and jeers from his college-educated CEO peers. Instead, he was overwhelmed by support. "As much as I respected him for what he accomplished, it enhanced my respect for him," Yost said.
Last October, Thiessens found a tutor to instruct him for an hour a day, five days a week. That's also when he told his plant managers. The rest of his employees found out last month.
Thiessens recently read "Gung Ho," a book on employee relations, as a management team project. It was slow going as he underlined all the words he didn't know and later sought help with. But he finished it. He wants someday to be able to rifle through mail as quickly as his wife and "round file" the piles of junk mail that comes across his desk.
More importantly, he hopes his story will encourage others to learn to read.
"There is no shame in not knowing how to read," said Mrs. Thiessens, his wife of 37 years. "The shame is not doing anything about it."

Hope you enjoyed reading this inspiring story ,dont fear for your lack of knowledge ,fear holds you down, just face the fear and and give it a punch on his nose and you win your goal!

Your suggestions and feedback are higly appreciated.

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Money : A Blog Needed Or Not ?


A BLOG(ACTUALLY CALLED A WEBLOG) is a site where regular entries of a particular topic are listed in a chronological includes text ,images and other form of media


money from internet could be earned with or without a blog and ill be posting articles regarding both the methods but i personally advise you to start your own blog so a wider range of options of earning money are available to you


choose a topic that you are passionate about and wont exhaust writing about it .and dont worry if you are a novice to blogging there's a lot of info available on the internet to start blogging.
whatever content you write about write with genuineness dont just write because you have too write only if you feel you have something genuine to give to the readers which would benefit them .this would lead to traffic on your site which will help you to earn money.and dont fool your readers you'll be fooling yourself
hope you have got some light on the topic for any queries simply comment and i 'll answer those

hope you enjoy reading these article . if you have any doubts or suggestions please feel free to comment .

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Well I know most of us have this question whether earning a full time money from the net possible and if it is possible is it easy?
it is possible to earn your living from the internet
well let me tell you this when I searched for this on google
I got 26,100,000 results.
well do I think its easy ?
NO! ITS NOT EASY TO earn your living from the internet ,but not too difficult either
you can follow many approaches to earn money from the internet ,but all the approaches that work need rule 1
Rule 1: Need some hardworking from your part

and anyone telling you opposite is definately fooling you,yes! there's no exception to this rule
the problem with earning from the internet is that knowing what works and what doesn't is a difficult thing to find ,and there are too many fluff out there which attract a lot of greedy consumers who are searching for quick easy money making schemes .

Rule 2: Need to allocate some time

Most of the users thing after using a particular program you just have to relax and give no time to the particular program (ex : adsense.chitika etc),well its not right every program needs some of your maintenance time no how big the program is.

Rule 3: don't invest money anywhere

Obviously there are some exception to this rule ,but for most novice user I advice not to use your money in dream of earning more money mostly there are chances for you to become a victim of thousands of internet scams.


don't let the above thing discourage you I definately thing internet business is the best form of business due to a lot of reasons.

You can work from the comfort of your home ,you have control of your own time,suppose you intend to work 8 hrs daily u can use any 8 hrs from the 24 hrs that suit you ,that's a big benefit for working from internet,one more benefit you get is that you do have to work hard early but once you have made your base in a few months you have to spend a little time on maintaining also get security from this business after your initial phases because no one can fire you from this and there are constantly new ways of earning introduced on the internet .There are obviously many more reasons for starting internet business like no shouts from boss ,being near to loved one etc :-)

So lets start our mission and make a strong intention of earning one million dollars


Hope you enjoyed reading this and gained some perspective ,for any doubts or suggestion please feel free to comment.

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Monday, June 19, 2006



I am a guy here who wanted to write something helpful for everyone
passion : writing about money
hobby : earning money
I do like : personal development
I don't like : people who look at the world without a smile :-)


when I was first introduced in blogs I was told to write about whatever my passion is ,so I started soul searching what I am passionate about ,I tried everything from movies,music,love blogs etc .but I could find anything I could write about for my lifetime (ya I wanted to be committed to what I write) after reading lots of blogs I found some blogs were made for the sole purpose of earning money ,well that strike me I could write about different ways of earning money and help myself and others being millionaires ,I was damn happy because I found the passion I could write about and hence this blog came to life


In the blog I'll be writing about different ways of earning money though currently it will include only about tips for the internet I may later add about earning money from outside the internet world .most of the post ill include regarding tips will be tried by me
hope you enjoy reading this blog

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